Stepping Through the Mirror

It strikes me that the reason so many rabidly anti-gay people believe that homosexuality is at best inappropriate and at worst dirty, disgusting and denigrating is because all of the gay sex that they’ve ever had WAS inappropriate, dirty, disgusting and/or denigrating. When you are a self-hating closet case you tend to have sleazy, secretive and degrading sex and you often have it in locations and situations that are inappropriate. So then they come to believe that what they do is what it means to be gay. I think that this theory is backed up by the testimony of so many “ex-gay” people who tell horror stories about THEIR experiences in “the gay lifestyle” seemingly clueless that it wasn’t a “gay lifestyle” at all but rather THEIR personal lifestyle and choices that they came to hate. Homosexuality and “gay” become scapegoats for their unhappiness with their life choices and their personal lack of self-respect.

TampaZeke in Comments Section to Box Turtle Bulletin post:

U.K.’s Top Cardinal Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Complaints From Priests

by Jim Burroway

February 25th, 2013

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